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tactical-canned-baconTactical Canned Bacon

Yes, you read the title correctly. While at first you may laugh, this can could very well keep you alive one day. With a shelf life of 10 years, Tac Bac Tactical Canned Bacon ($16) will provide you¬†sustenance¬†well after other food you’ve stock-piled has gone bad. Each can holds approximately 50 slices of fully cooked bacon.

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Emergency Food Supply

You’re going to need something to stave off the hunger until you learn to hunt and live off the land. Pick up a couple of these Emergency Food Supply buckets ($95) and keep them handy. Each 5-gallon bucket contains 275 individual servings and holds a 20 year shelf life. Meals include corn chowder, potato bacon, blueberry pancakes, country noodle, western stew and more. All meals are 100% vegetarian and vitamin-fortified. Yummy? Probably not. But it beats the alternative.

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