Pocket Grappling Hook

Weighing in at 5oz and measuring 1″ in diameter by 5.5″ in length, the Maratec Pocket Grappling Hook ($29) should be a no-brainer (pun intended) in any zombie survival equipment kit. Couple one of these with a Survival Straps bracelet and nothing is out of reach. The Pocket Grappling Hook can even be weighted with sand or water for more accurate throws. Although they clearly state that these are “not certified for life support activities”, they have been tested at up to 350lbs. Video after the jump.

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AA-12 Automatic Shotgun

That 12-gauge shotgun you’ve got under your bed might be enough to stop the first few zombies through your front door, but heavy recoil and slow reloading won’t help much if facing an entire hoard. Enter the AA-12 Automatic Assault 12-gauge Shotgun ($??). A shotgun 18 years in the making, the AA-12 is capable of unloading up to 300 rounds per minute with next to zero recoil due to a proprietary gas operated system. Along with standard 12-gauge shells, the AA-12 is also capable of firing three different FRAG-12 rounds (High Explosive, Fragmentation, and Armor Piercing). Check the video after the break for the full effect, as words just don’t do it justice.

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Lifesaver Water Bottle

Winner of the “Best Technological Development for Future Soldier System Enhancement”, the Lifesaver Water Bottle ($150+) lives up to its name. It filters out all water-borne pathogens with a replaceable purification cartridge that removes bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites, fungi, and all other microbiological water-borne pathogens. Capable of purifying up to 750 milliliters of water in just under a minute, and the clean water can be drank immediately. And with each filter cartridge rated at 1,056 gallons, you can be certain to always have clean, safe drinking water no matter where you may find yourself.

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Emergency Food Supply

You’re going to need something to stave off the hunger until you learn to hunt and live off the land. Pick up a couple of these Emergency Food Supply buckets ($95) and keep them handy. Each 5-gallon bucket contains 275 individual servings and holds a 20 year shelf life. Meals include corn chowder, potato bacon, blueberry pancakes, country noodle, western stew and more. All meals are 100% vegetarian and vitamin-fortified. Yummy? Probably not. But it beats the alternative.

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Conquest Knight XV

Your dad’s F-150 isn’t going to get you far when traveling through zombie-infested regions. Although not for the faint-of-wallet, check out Conquest Vehicle Inc’s Knight XV ($310,000+). Inspired by the Gurkha military vehicle, the Knight XV is billed as an ultra-luxurious, hand-crafted, fully-armoured SUV. Packing a 6.8 litre, Bio-fueled V10 engine, the Knight XV also boasts a roof-mounted spotlight, external listening device, security cameras, interior oxygen survival kit, and auxilary fuel tank. Hit the read link for more images.

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Survival Straps

Made with up to 18′ of 550# military grade paracord, this is one bracelet that could really come in handy. Also available as belts, watch straps, lanyards, or key fobs, Survival Straps ($18+) are worth wearing so you can rest assured that you will always have access to an emergency length of reliable cord. Even better, if you ever do have to unwind and use your cord, the company says to just send it back to them and they’ll make you another one free of charge. Just remember to take into account how much a zombie uprising may affect the postal service while waiting for your replacement.

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Manta Titanium Crowbar

Ah, the crowbar. Long heralded as the premier weapon in the defense against zombies due to its long reach, skull-spearing ability, and no need for ammo. This titanium model is sure to deliver. The Manta Titanium Crowbar ($110) was originally developed for scuba rescue divers who needed something lightweight that could open anything. Weighing in at less than 2 lbs and with a reach of 22″, the Manta crowbar is one that even Gordon Freeman would wield.

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The Zombie Survival Guide

Being the first post here on UndeadGear, I thought it fitting to start with the basics. Second perhaps only to a good crowbar, is the knowledge you’ll find inside The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead ($11, paperback). Within these pages, author Max Brooks lays the groundwork for learning to defend yourself against the undead and preparing for the battle ahead. The six chapters will guide you through different weapons and combat techniques to use against zombies, defending yourself against, running from, and attacking zombies, as well as living with them. It all starts here.

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