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tactical-canned-baconTactical Canned Bacon

Yes, you read the title correctly. While at first you may laugh, this can could very well keep you alive one day. With a shelf life of 10 years, Tac Bac Tactical Canned Bacon ($16) will provide you sustenance well after other food you’ve stock-piled has gone bad. Each can holds approximately 50 slices of fully cooked bacon.

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Lifesaver Water Bottle

Winner of the “Best Technological Development for Future Soldier System Enhancement”, the Lifesaver Water Bottle ($150+) lives up to its name. It filters out all water-borne pathogens with a replaceable purification cartridge that removes bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites, fungi, and all other microbiological water-borne pathogens. Capable of purifying up to 750 milliliters of water in just under a minute, and the clean water can be drank immediately. And with each filter cartridge rated at 1,056 gallons, you can be certain to always have clean, safe drinking water no matter where you may find yourself.

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Emergency Food Supply

You’re going to need something to stave off the hunger until you learn to hunt and live off the land. Pick up a couple of these Emergency Food Supply buckets ($95) and keep them handy. Each 5-gallon bucket contains 275 individual servings and holds a 20 year shelf life. Meals include corn chowder, potato bacon, blueberry pancakes, country noodle, western stew and more. All meals are 100% vegetarian and vitamin-fortified. Yummy? Probably not. But it beats the alternative.

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