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Ka-Bar Zombie Killer Knives

It’s only fitting that the same company that’s been providing tactical knives to the United States armed forces since World War II would come out with a new line of weapons designed for World War Z. From KA-BAR Knives Inc comes a complete lineup of blades designed specifically for dispatching the undead. The KA-BAR ZK ($13-$70) line of weapons includes the Kharon Tanto Folder Knife, Pestilence Chopper, Famine Tanto, Death Dagger, War Sword Knife, and the Acheron Skeleton.

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Lifeline Ultralight Survival Kit

Weighing in at less than 8 ounces, you have no excuse to not throw this in your bag before heading out into undead territory. The Lifeline Ultralight Survival Kit ($15) contains waterproof matches, an 18×12 piece of aluminum foil, an 80×50 emergency blanket, 50ft of fishing line, 4 hooks and sinker weights, 8ft of snare wire, a surgical blade, 5 wound closure strips, 3 safety pins, a map compass, emergency whistle (although not advisable for use within zombie infested areas), 10ft of emergency cord, 36in of duct tape, reusable ziplock bag, and a survival guide. That’s a lot of necessities in such a small package.

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Hoyt Carbon Matrix Compound Bow

Hoyt’s lightest high-end bow ever, the Carbon Matrix ($1600) boasts a radical, high-tech, hollow carbon tube riser  featuring O-Tech™ Technology. Strategically crafted to yield new standards of lightweight design, vibration reduction, shootability and precision, every innovative inch of this engineering marvel is amazingly strong and stable. And at just 3.8 lbs, this lightweight, high-precision bow will go anywhere your hunt for undead hordes takes you.

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tactical-canned-baconTactical Canned Bacon

Yes, you read the title correctly. While at first you may laugh, this can could very well keep you alive one day. With a shelf life of 10 years, Tac Bac Tactical Canned Bacon ($16) will provide you sustenance well after other food you’ve stock-piled has gone bad. Each can holds approximately 50 slices of fully cooked bacon.

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KA-BAR Becker TacTool

Living in an undead world? Throw breaking-and-entering laws out the window. Your top priority will be survival, and that may mean having to break down some doors and bust out some windows to gain supplies you need in order to survive. That’s where the KA-BAR Becker TacTool ($90) comes into play. This blade is the result of a design collaboration between Ethan Becker of BK&T and John Benner of TDI. The TacTool smashes, bashes, prys, hammers and cuts. It is equally powerful at lifting stubborn hinge pins, prying open doors or windows, and hammering out glass as it is efficient at cutting 550 cord.

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Oakley S.I. ASSAULT Boot

Based on combat gear designed by Oakley for the US Army, the Oakley S.I. Assault Boot ($185) looks to be an excellent choice for post-apocolyptic footware. These boots don’t just look the part, they include several innovations created specifically for the Elite Special Forces; moisture-wicking liner, vulcanized rubber sole, soft temper for silent movement, and directional lug geometry that provides wet/dry traction on booth smooth and rough terrain. And if that isn’t convincing enough, they’ve received John Conner’s endorsement above in Terminator Salvation. Additional pics after the jump.

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Gerber KICK Axe

Whether you classify this as a weapon or survival gear is up to you. Either way, find room in your kit for the Gerber KICK Axe ($90). This unique axe weighs in at just over a pound and folds up for easy storing and carrying. Featuring a metal bodied frame for strength and Black Oxide coating to resist against corrosion, the KICK Axe is the perfect tool, whether you’re prepping your camp site or decapitating zombies.

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Eton FR300 Emergency Crank Radio

When dealing with the undead, knowledge is power. Stay up to date on the latest news and reported outbreaks with an Eton FR300 Emergency Crank Radio ($50+). Keep your cell phone charged, listen to AM/FM radio stations, NOAA stations (weather and news updates), and even TV-VHF stations so you can hear what’s happening on TV as well. The FR300 also features a 3-LED flashlight, which also acts as a strobe and emergency light. The hand crank allows you to charge up the rechargeable Ni-MH battery, or you can run the unit off 3 AA batteries. Check out the FR400 for a water-resistant radio.


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Pocket Grappling Hook

Weighing in at 5oz and measuring 1″ in diameter by 5.5″ in length, the Maratec Pocket Grappling Hook ($29) should be a no-brainer (pun intended) in any zombie survival equipment kit. Couple one of these with a Survival Straps bracelet and nothing is out of reach. The Pocket Grappling Hook can even be weighted with sand or water for more accurate throws. Although they clearly state that these are “not certified for life support activities”, they have been tested at up to 350lbs. Video after the jump.

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Lifesaver Water Bottle

Winner of the “Best Technological Development for Future Soldier System Enhancement”, the Lifesaver Water Bottle ($150+) lives up to its name. It filters out all water-borne pathogens with a replaceable purification cartridge that removes bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites, fungi, and all other microbiological water-borne pathogens. Capable of purifying up to 750 milliliters of water in just under a minute, and the clean water can be drank immediately. And with each filter cartridge rated at 1,056 gallons, you can be certain to always have clean, safe drinking water no matter where you may find yourself.

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